About Our Bag Tags

In the Bag Tags was created out of the loving frustration of having a child that just could not get all of her gear into her sports bag.  Having kids that play multiple sports with each sport requiring its own bag, we would often experience “sport bag confusion”-what goes into what bag?  Do I have the right bag?  Do I have all my stuff?  After many “emergency” trips back and forth from field to home, court to sporting-good store, home to school, I decided it was time I created a new type of bag tag- the myPLAY list and the myPACK list.  These bag tags have a checklist of all the items you need to pack into your sport bag or backpack.  We even created a few others like a school tag, diaper bag and  gym bag.  Now, we just PACK IT UP, PLAY HARD and WORK HARD!

Why you’ll love “In The Bag Tags”

Avoid costly and time consuming trips back home to get forgotten items

Avoid the irritation of not having “your stuff”

Reduce your frustration as a parent of having to turn-around to go home to get your child’s forgotten gear, school work or other items

Avoid costly, last minute trips to a store to purchase the item that was left at home

Minimize the number of trips back to school to bring forgotten homework, folders, notebooks, books, gear- if you choose to bring it to them!

Tool for helping kids be more responsible and organized before they head out the door

Stop re-writing your checklists on scraps of paper that include the items you need to pack- it’s all ready on your myPLAY list or myPACK list!

Stop losing your paper checklists around the house-it’s all ready on your myPLAY  list or myPACK list!

myPLAY and myPACK lists help you identify your bag from others.

myPLAY lists and myPACK lists have fun, colorful graphics that differentiate your bag from others

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