These cute school children are packed up and ready to go for their day at school and activities to follow!

Back To School Bag Tags with Checklist

It’s time for school to start again!  Looking for a school checklist that will help your kids stay organized and to task before heading out the door? Want to make sure your kids have everthing they need in their backpack the night before?  Try the new MyPACK List for school.  The myPACK List-School is a colorful bag tag that has a checklist of all the items your elementary school child needs to pack in their backpack before they head out to the bus or get in the car for school.  The bag tag stays on your child’s backpack or school tote and lists out each item with a box that can be checked with a dry-erase marker.  The tags can be marked each day then wiped off or they can be used as a mental checklist to ensure all their school items, like homework, notebook, math book, etc. are in their backpack.

Check out IN THE BAG TAGS other bag tags with checklists for all the different sports such as soccer, baseball, dance, basketball…at


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