Bag Tags with Checklist for school and sports

Bag Tags- School Bag Tag with Checklist from In The Bag Tags

The School Bag Tag from In The Bag Tags has now made it easier for you to get your kids ready for school in the morning! This packing tag has a checklist of all the items your child needs to pack in their school backpack Tag before they head out the door. Depending on the age of your child, they can mark the school packing list with a dry-erase marker and then wipe-off in order to use it again the next day or they can use it as a “mental checklist” to get everything they need to school on time. This is a great way to always have their school list in front of them, right on their backpack. The bag tag is a cute, decorative, bright yellow tag that fits on any child’s backpack and is a great way to get your kids into a routine of packing their bag with all their stuff.

Here is a picture of the cutest little girl named Gabrielle sporting the School Bag Tag from In The Bag Tags on her way to the school bus.

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