myPLAY Lists from In The Bag Tags- sport packing tags for you backpack and sport bags

Bag tags with Checklist Helping Kids in Sports Pack It All Up for Practice or a Game

There’s a great, new bag tag out there for kids by In The Bag Tags for sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball that list the items that need to be packed up for their practice or game called a myPLAY List. It’s a fun, decorative bag tag that loops onto your childs sport bag. Your kids can mark the checkboxes with a dry-erase product, then wipe it clean or use it as a mental checklist to make sure they have everything they need in their sport bag. These sport packing bag tags are not only a great “reminder-list” of everything that needs to be packed up, it’s great for team sports because it differentiates your child’s sport bag from everyone else’s! So whether you are in softball, cheerleading, dance or swimming, check out our myPLAY bag tags at and put your packing list on a tag!

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