myPLAY List Bag Tag for Soccer from In The Bag Tags

Soccer Bag Tag with Soccer Checklist Helping Soccer Players Pack it Up!

Soccer Moms! How many times have you been on your way with your child to soccer practice when they suddenly tell you ” Mom, I forgot my soccer ball!” or “I forgot my cleats!” or ” I only have one shin guard!” This no longer needs to happen! Check out a new concept in bag [...]

Soccer Bag Tag for kids with Checklist from Ih The Bag Sports

Soccer Bag Tag for Kids with Checklist Sighted at Classic Elite Soccer Tournament

SOCCER BAG TAG CITING FROM IN THE BAG TAGS – a soccer bag tag from In The Bag Tags was sighted this past weekend at the Classics Elite Soccer Tournament in San Antonio, Texas. This young man sporting this fantastic sport bag tag was caught with all his gear in his soccer bag! His Mom [...]

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