myPLAY Lists from In The Bag Tags- sport packing tags for you backpack and sport bags

Bag tags with Checklist Helping Kids in Sports Pack It All Up for Practice or a Game

There’s a great, new bag tag out there for kids by In The Bag Tags for sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball that list the items that need to be packed up for their practice or game called a myPLAY List. It’s a fun, decorative bag tag that loops onto your childs sport bag. Your [...]

myPLAY List Bag Tag for Soccer from In The Bag Tags

Soccer Bag Tag with Soccer Checklist Helping Soccer Players Pack it Up!

Soccer Moms! How many times have you been on your way with your child to soccer practice when they suddenly tell you ” Mom, I forgot my soccer ball!” or “I forgot my cleats!” or ” I only have one shin guard!” This no longer needs to happen! Check out a new concept in bag [...]

myPLAY Running Bag Tag from In The Bag Tags

Marathon Packing List Helps you Get to Race with All Your Gear using our Running Bag Tag

Boston Marathon, LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon, the Big Sur or Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, make sure you get there with all your gear! In The Bag Tags has created a running bag tag with a checklist of all the items you need to pack for your marathon, half marathon or road race. Check out the myPLAY [...]

myPLAY Running Bag Tag from In The Bag Tags

Gifts for Runners and Triathlon- bag tags with checklist from In The Bag Tags

Whether it’s your first marathon, sprint triathlon on your fifth Boston, getting all your gear to the race is key! The running bag tags and triathlon bag tags from In The Bag Tags are a perfect gift for the runner or triathlete in your life. These sport bag tags have a checklist of all the [...]

Basketball Bag Tag with Checklist from In The Bag Tags

Basketball Sport Bag Tag from In The Bag Tags-Packing List for Your Basketball Season

Basketball season is right around the corner! Make sure your child gets all their basketball gear into their sport bag by using a basketball bag tag with checklist from In The Bag Tags. This checklist bag tag lists a basketball, jersey, shooting shirt, water…all those items that neeed to be in your child’s basketball bag [...]

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