Workout Bag Tag with checklist helping you get all your gym gear in the bag!

What’s in Your Gym Bag? Gym Bag Tag with Checklist Helps You Pack All Your Gear for a Workout

What’s in your gym bag?  Hopefully,  everything you need for a good workout!  With the New Year upon us, many people make it their New Year’s Resolution to get to the gym more often.  If you haven’t been there in a while, you may want to have a checklist or packing list of everything you need to bring in order to have a good workout.  In The Bag Tags has created new sport bag tags that have a checklist of of all the gear you need to put in your gym bag or sports bag.   We make sport bag checklists on bag tags for all sports like soccer, baseball, football, cheer, dance, etc.  For the gym though, there’s nothing like getting to there and realizing that for the next 2 hours, you get to workout without music.  Or how about when you’ve finished your workout, getting dressed and realizing you get to go to work the rest of the day without makeup because you forgot your makeup bag at the house!  Put a checklist on your gym bag and avoid these issues.

In The Bag Tags has a packing sport bag tag for you!  Stop forgetting your tennis shoes, music, shampoos or flip flops……..putting a gym packing list on your workout bag with a tag from In The Bag Tags will help you get there with all your gear!

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