Bag Tags with Checklist for school and sports

What’s in Your School Backpack? Bag Tags with Checklist for Kids

What’s in your backpack?  Well………hopefully everything you needed for the day!  In The Bag Tags creates cute bag tags that have a packing list of all the items your child needs to put in their school backpack before they head out the door.  The school checklist has the key items they need for the day such as lunch, homework, water bottle, books, etc.  Help your kids take responsibility for preparing for school by using these bag tags to help your kids organize.  No longer do you need to be the “packer” for your child!  These bag tags with checklists come in a variety of designs not only for school but sports too!  We create soccer bag tags, baseball bag tags, dance bag tags, swimming bag tags with checklist, football bag tags with checklists.  Take a look at all our bag tags at  Get your gear all in there!

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