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Share with us some of your stories about when you, your child, or someone you know forgot something in your bag for a sport, school, event or even a trip.  We’ve all been there!

We will post your story here to share with others

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I met Stephanie at the gym. As we began to visit each time we were together, we learned that our daughters play soccer and we had a mutual appreciation for the hard work, long drives, and many hours spent at the soccer field. Last spring I was sharing with her how one of my daughters is quite irresponsible and often is running late, wants us to do everything for her, and then ultimately forgets what she needs; whether it be something for school, her lunch, or something in her soccer bag. Yes, we’ve gotten to games without cleats! When Stephanie showed me her bag tags, I knew that would be the perfect thing to help my daughter. It would take the responsiblity off me and place it on her but yet she still had something to rely on to help her remember what she needed. Now each time we get in the car to go to practice or a game, she looks at the tag and goes through the checklist. I don’t pull out of the driveway until she does it! It’s made a world of difference!!! GET ONE!!!!

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